Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To top off our fun Christmas night we had our own special Christmas tree! A cupcake Christmas tree! And yes, they tasted as yummy as they look!
Since our 'Purse' rendition at the last enrichment went off so fabulously, and Julie had been saving this song forever to use, our Relief Society Presidency once again treated everyone to lovely voices...hmmm... and sang a new classic to the tune of Jingle Bells. Here are the lyrics. The pictures (I promise) are so blurry they're not usable...Oh well!

(Our Homemade Fudge or Chocolate Hershey Bars)

Dashing from the mall, with groceries yet to buy,
Lesoons, work and house keeping, life's so crazy why?
Bells on our phone ring. The machine will take the call.
We've no time for family or friends, it drives me up the wall.

How are you? How's your life? We really want to know.
Love to chat and hear the news, but please don't talk so slow!
How are you? How's your life? We really want to know
We hope your ready for Christmas - Now maybe it will snow.

A day or two ago, we thought we'd bake a treat
for all our special friends, a Christmas give to eat.
Our intentions were top notch, but our schedule would not budge,
Hence here's this years' edition of our homemade Chocolate Fudge!

Merry Christmas!!

To end our night, and as Julie's tradition she started a new tradition and wrapped a present with many layers of wrapping paper. She passed it to Tricia (who had just been released as the enrichment leader), when Tricia opened the first layer, it said pass to someone who lives in the neighborhood next to yours. So on to Deborah it went. Deborah's layer read: give to someone who is native to Las Vegas. So it was passed to Kellie. The next layer read: Give to someone who is a convert to the church. So I passed it on to Morgan. (Sorry no pictures of the last two). Who unwrapped a beautiful Precious Moments Nativity to take home and share with her family.

What a wonderful time we had, and what a great break from all the holiday craziness to take a night just to spend with our Relief Society sisters, chatting, having fun, and feeling the true Spirit of the Season. Thanks to Julie (who always does a fabulous job!), Tricia (who although now released has put so much love, time & talent into her calling), Maren & Karin (our cupcake & cupcake tree experts!), Melinda & Kate (for hosting and opening your homes & traditions to share with us) and all those that came to help us remember the real reason for Christmas. The Spirit of Christ and the people in our lives we love. For those who missed it, we missed you! Please come next time! (TBA in January!)
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Cheryl Whitney said...

I'm so sad I missed it!!!! The whole out of town thing...bummer!!