Friday, January 23, 2009

Ward Temple Night Reminder!!

Don't forget ladies!!

Saturday January 24th the 5:00pm session
(This is TOMORROW!!!)

Our ward is meeting with the Stake Presidency for our ward Temple Night prior to our ward conference this Sunday. Please make an effort to be there! Not only do we all need the blessings that come with Temple attendance, but we only had 5 members of our ward at the last ward conference session! (Including our bishopric). That's really sad. So get those babysitters lined up! Take the time, make the effort and your families will be blessed for going. What a great example to set for your kids too!
See you there!
Don't forget 5:00 is busy traffic - LEAVE EARLY!!!

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hey kellie, congrats on your new baby!

hey, what is the link to the new recipe club blog? thanks! get some rest!

Force India said...

Oh... gracias por ir a mi blog. alli casi no va nadie. puedes mirar donde vivo con el google maps o google earth, yo vivo en torrelavega.