Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We all made it through December right?

At least we hope huh? I didn't hear about any wrapping paper casualties, or trips to Christmas Goodie Rehab so hopefully we all made it through the holidays without a ton of stress, and a little bit more of the Spirit of Christ. Hopefully you got to spend time with friends and family, and if you didn't make it over to our fabulous enrichment activity here's what you missed out on! Next time hopefully you'll be able to join us!!

As always the food is so yummy, and with a progressive dinner we had fabulous appetizers at the Mitchell's home, hot soup at the Ashton's and finished it off with dessert at the Frye's.
(Tempting huh? You should have come!)

At each house our hosts shared a family tradition that has a special place in their family Christmas season. Kate's family has put together through many years a fantastic winter Christmas village (even had to build a platform for it to go on, it got so big), and talked about how each piece had come from friends, or family and how her whole family puts it together each year. Melinda (I didn't get a picture Sorry!) has a small Christmas tree for each of her children, that each year they get a new ornament to go on their special tree. Each ornament represents what that child was doing or interested in during the year that they got it. What fabulous ideas huh? Do you have a special tradition?
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