Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Christmas Wish for You (from Sunday's Lesson)

If we could be your Santa Claus, we'd change your Christmas Day.
Instead of giving things to you, there are things we'd take away.

We'd come into your home and steal, your burdened weight of care.
We'd rob you of the pain perhaps you're called upon to bear.

We'd find the heartaches you conceal of jealousy and fear.
We'd crowd out all suspicion and multiply your cheer.

We'd melt the scar of bitterness that hatred may not live.
And plant a seed of loveliness that only Christ can give.

We'd give you courage to endure, whatever task you face.
And make your life and open book, with nothing to erase.

And if we could have our every wish, we'd smooth away your tears.
And give you every dream you dreamed in all your yester years.

We'd wake you every morning to the peace of God above.
And make everyday a Christmas, filled with His great love.

May the love of our Savior surround you at this Christmastime and always!

Merry Christmas!

With love from:
The Somerset Ward RS Presidency


craftyashley said...

Awww! That is so cute- I love it!

Cheryl Whitney said...

From all the moving of things in and out of the RS' looked like you guys were giving an 'INCREDIBLE' lesson!!

Thank you so much for the handout...the Christmas Ornament is awesome!! I bet it was a beautiful lesson!!