Friday, November 14, 2008

November 5th . . . (and the article continues)

5. Instead of complaining about your kids, be grateful for them. Many parents (myself included) get frustrated with their children. They are too slow to do things, they have a bad attitude, they can’t clean up after themselves, and they pick their nose too much. Unfortunately, sometimes parents will communicate that frustration to their children too often, and the kids will begin to feel bad about themselves. Many parents have done this, and while it’s not perfect, it’s a part of parenthood. But there’s a better way: follow the method above of calming down when you’re frustrated, and thinking of reasons you’re grateful to your child. Share these reasons with your child. And then take the opportunity to teach them, instead of criticizing them.

Like most of us, this is probably the one I deal with almost everyday. No parent is perfect, but here's a good reminder (from a dad of 6 no less) that our kids are the most important people to us and sometimes the people that we treat the worst. Everyone has their crazy days, when my days are horrible, and my kids are going crazy I'm just really glad I'm not John & Kate plus 8, or the Duggar Family (Raising 18 kids). Almost 3 is good enough for me right now.