Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sharing the Gospel Online

In recent Ensign articles as well on the general authorities have been discussing the opportunities that our technological world is giving us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with so many others. Are we taking advantage of some of those wonderful resources?? Here are a few ideas: (mentioned in Elder M. Russell Ballard's talk - Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet)

* Make a concerted effort to share the gospel or a pass a long card everyday, then post your experience on your personal blog or here on our Relief Society Blog.

* Record a video of yourself bearing your testimony and how the gospel has helped to strengthen you or get you through tough situations in your life. The General Authorities mention that some even feel comfortable posting them on sites like You Tube.

* Share your conversion story (whether a convert to the church or just a conversion of your heart) in an email or on a personal blog. Each of us know at least one non-member we correspond with through internet.

* Use programs such as iTunes to download talks, hymns or other uplifting audio, burn to cd or input to your iPod. Share with your family or friends (some of the most effective conversions we'll make are our own families).

* and other affiliated websites have downloads, links and other resources are we taking advantage of the ease it is to get information from our leaders? How often do we check what they say. The church puts out news stories almost daily. Do we see them?

As always there is a downside to technology. It should be fairly obvious what some of those downsides are. Be careful, teach children especially to be careful. Even in the virtual world, addictions are real and deadly to families, testimonies & spiritual/temporal well being. Heed the words of warning from the General Authorities.

Whether virtual or in reality each of us have people in our lives that we should reach out to. Friends, family, neighbors, teachers, coworkers or even just people we run into running errands or going about our daily lives. Make the effort to befriend and get to know someone new. Share your testimony or even a simple invitation to a church activity to help them get to know you a little more.

** Don't forget that your experiences can motivate others - please share any missionary experiences. Our blog will now have a permanent page to allow others to post experiences any time they would like. Please make an effort to have these experiences in your life and share them with the other sisters in our ward to encourage others to reach out and share in those blessings themselves. Link to the missionary page here Missionary Experiences or on the Right side bar.