Saturday, May 24, 2008

Enrichment Service Auction

Thanks to all the women who put time and effort into such a fun enrichment activity. Our enrichment committee works so hard to come up with enjoyable and unique activities. We all had such fun, and got some wonderful services in the auction. Thanks to those who came to support our Relief Society enrichment as well as those who donated so many services. Don't forget to cash in those services (or do your service for whoever the lucky winner was). We're trying to get the services cashed in by the end of July.... hurry, hurry, hurry.
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Tricia said...

What a fun night! I'm so glad I made it home with such wonderful goodies and prizes. Thanks for all your help ladies! I think we might make this an annual event.

Pike's Place said...

Goodness, Kellie! I just found this blog today. It looks so nice! You're doing a great job, and the pics were fun. said...

hey! are the sisters all learning about blogs right now?
kellie, i just found a great food storage blog. can you please put a link to it on here?

Anonymous said...

Hello I am in Woodbine ward and i stumbled into your blog when looking for help planning a service Auction. I thought I would comment here and see if you had any tips on executing the activity. I am new to the enrichment comittee and would love hearing how you did yours. :)
Nicole larsen